Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer, come quick!

Starting tomorrow, I will do nothing but study for about 18 days straight.  I really can't wait for summer!
This weekend, Julian and I went to Baton Rouge for a show.  I wore my big hat.  I love my big hat.
Julian played wonderfully!
I mostly just stood around.
I also bought some cool new awesome shorts that are comfortable and I can't wait to wear them again

And we had to bring Julian's little brother to the fair, where there were the best hamburgers ever!
And then today, we washed my car.  It is so so clean!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! And good luck on finals!!

<3 Calli

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

This is how I spent my Spring Break.
Thanks to my lovely roommate, Megan, I was able to find out which celebrities I'm related to

From left to right: Jackie Onassis Kennedy,  James Dean,  Rudyard Kipling (author of the Jungle Book), Robert Frost,  Betty Davis,  Joan Of Arc (not an actual photograph, but you know)
so basically, I'm related to really intelligent, brave, good looking, and fashionable people. Sweet

I took my little brother to the zoo.  But really, I took my boyfriend to the zoo, because he was the most excited about it.  
The two little boys
I took advantage of my time off by watching movies with my boyfriend, something we rarely have the time to do.  And it was soooo fun and I loved watching movies.  And what is a movie marathon without old school Disney movies?  Those are the best movies ever. 
The last one we have to watch is Pochahontas, which we are definitely going to watch this evening.  

I'm sad that Spring Break is over.  It was really fun and relaxing, even though I didn't get to go to New York like my friend Hailey and go on the Jimmy Fallon Show.  Lucky girl.  But anyway, I'm sad that I have school this week.  


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Style: The Amy Edition

The greatest thing about Easter is getting to hang out with family, and it was especially great to get to see my favorite cousin Amy, who now lives far far away from me :[  The two of us used to be inseparable, even though I probably annoyed her, but whatever, she was my idol. And she still is because she has the cutest style ever.
Amy is the hippie-looking blond, and I am the little one striking a pose. 

And lucky for me, she brought along all of her newest purchases to show me.  And they were all amazing. She is going to be the best dressed girl in Cabo (where she is vacationing in a few weeks...jealous...)
Here are a few of the pictures:
This is her amazing purple and chambray color block dress
This looked so cute on her!
 This is a cute little plaid dress
She is really lucky I didn't steal this one.  Even my Dad said it was a "Calli" dress
This is Amy and I modeling her cute little rompers
And this is my favorite one of all. 

If you love Amy's style (I mean, who wouldn't?)  I put together a little collection of things inspired by Amy.  It was fairly simple, all I did was choose the cutest summer dresses and rompers that I could find.  


Spring Cleaning

The first thing I did this Spring Break was clean my closet.  Oh and it is wonderful.  It's like, I can actually find things now.  I also cleaned my car but I didn't take pictures of that.  And today was Easter and it was wonderful.  I took a bunch of cool pictures that I will add in later posts.  I think I will have to dedicate an entire post to my lovely cousin Amy that I miss so much because she lives far away but she's my favorite cousin ever.  She dresses so cute. Ok, look at my closet:
It's so clean!  Goodnight :)