Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baton Rouge

On Monday, my lovely boyfriend and I took a trip to Baton Rouge to buy my school books.  It was radical, and these are the photos we took on our adventure. 

Julian in front of the Old Law Building on campus, looking quite exuberant.

Myself and Julian at the California Pizza Kitchen, grabbing lunch. Delicious.

I love this fountain. It reminds me of Europe.
It's also a little frozen, as you can see in the first picture. SWEEET

Anyone want to buy me this? It's only $748.

So artsy, I love it.  Couture, New York City, and Julian in the same picture. Add Fall Out Boy and the Beatles, and it's a photo of my life.

My little model.

Anyway. That was our day. It was quite lovely. When we left to come home, we realized that we should have gone to the zoo. Sad Face. Ah well, maybe next time.

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