Monday, August 16, 2010

San Antonio; Trip 2

So right when I got home from the beach with Julian's family, we left with my family to go to San Antonio again, which was awesome because I looove San Antonio.  And I still haven't even posted all of my pictures from the first time I visited the city, but it's okay, I'll just put the new ones.  Again, this is another post about vacation memories :]

This is on the way there, my family rented a minivan so we could all fit, and it was so fun ahahha and wayyy more comfortable than riding in a car.
This is our first night at an amazing Mexican restaurant
This is my sister and my mother, I look tall because of my awesome 6 inch platform heels
 This is my family at Sea World
This is Molli, Julian, me, Kiri, and Hannah in the minivan after Schlitterbahn, which was the coolest waterpark ever! Oh and I'm drinking a Diet Coke, not a beer. 
 This is at another Mexican restaurant in Boerne, which has the most amazing refried beans I have ever eaten mmmmmm! It's called El Chapparal
This is the amazing Market Square in downtown San Antonio.  I got so many cool Mexican room decorations and even a new booksack for school.  It was super fun, they had the coolest stufffff
Julian and I wanted every single one of these
 This is Julian and I in front of the Market Square holding all of our cool stuff we bought
 The Alamo!!!
And this is my adorable little cousin, Mercee, who I got to see in San Antonio

Anyway that's it for now :] Maybe next time I'll post all of my new cool interior decorations that I recently purchased