Monday, December 7, 2009


Blahhh I hate finals week!!!!
I spent my entire day studying and I'm still not even close to being prepared for any tests.  Well I guess I am a bit closer than I was before, but still.
Anyway.  One thing that really sucks about finals week is how unhealthily most students eat.  Instead of eating nutritious food to give us brain power, we opt for the easier option of picking up a burger and fries with a large sugary soft drink.  I mean, who has time to cook anyway?  All we have time to do is cram every last bit of information into our heads (and write a few short blog entries) before our exams. 
Fortunately, for myself and for my roommates, I thought ahead this semester. Yesterday, while I was enjoying my lazy Sunday, I decided to dig into my mother's recipe drawer and pick out a delicious and nutritious recipe to make.  I chose "Hamburger and Corn Soup," which sounds a little weird, I know, but it's so tasty and flavorful with a surprisingly low amount of calories.  It was also extremely easy to make.  After I chose the recipe, I went to the grocery store and bought all of the ingredients and upon my return home I immediately started cooking.  A short hour later, Voila! My soup was complete.  After eating a bowl or two, I served the soup into two separate containers, one for my family to eat and the other to bring to Baton Rouge.  Now, instead of fast food when I'm hungry, I can just pop a bowl of soup into the microwave and be good to go :]

I will post the recipe later, I forgot it at home.  It's super good though, really.

Goodnight and  good luck with exams!

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  1. Megan Gremillion and Mary HebertDecember 9, 2009 at 1:47 AM

    We loved the soup for lunch today! It was very tasty!

    P.S. We assume that tacos and cinnamon twists from taco bell do not count as burgers and fries!

    -The Roomies