Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Summer Trip to the Zoo

So we finallyyy got to go to the zoo since they opened the new section called "Realm of the Tiger" on April 17.  It was really nice, you should check it out. I loved the theme.  It reminded me of Animal Kingdom.  A little.

This is Julian and I in front of the Realm of the Tiger 
This is a little pond in the realm
This is a pretty blue bird
This is the Siberian Tiger cage, but no Siberian Character
And here is the Siberian Tiger arriving in a crate...ahah
Here is a Malayan Tiger, the smallest tiger species
And here is our friend, Judy the elephant
Here is us in front of the little sign that we always take a picture near
Here is our giraffe friend, hanging out
And this is my favorite necklace that I got in Disney World a few years ago

Have a magical day


  1. I want your necklace!!! Maleficent is my favorite villain of any Disney Villains. Love your dress.

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