Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Antonio Riverwalk

So, I haven't posted in about a hundred years and I apologize; however I have fulfilled my wish of doing something interesting every week.  It's this that has caused the very very few posts.  Also I have an article every single week for College Fashion, and it's super fun but also time consuming.  And on top of that I have work, and I have to babysit my siblings.  So again, I apologize. 

So anyway, I got the opportunity to visit the lovely city of San Antonio for the first time.  It was seriously amazing, I can't believe I had never been there before.  My absolute favorite part was the Riverwalk, and really all of the downtown area.  I want to live there.

This is the entrance to the Riverwalk, which is also a clever map of the river (green) and surrounding streets (orange)
The Riverwalk
My sister and I at Paesano's, the best Italian food I've ever had!  Highly recommended. We got the Penne with Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Spicy Peppers and Tomato Cream, mmmm!
My family in front of Paesano's.
View from a bridge
Cute little waterfall, I mean they were everywhere! Everything is just so cute on the Riverwalk!
Myself and my father
My brother and I at Rainforest Cafe! My favorite place to eat
By a statue of Toribio Losoya
A delicious Tex Mex place on the Riverwalk!
Acenar, also highly recommended! I got the Entomatadas (Fried Stuffed Tortillas) which were divine
My mother and I at Acenar
The cute patio entrance

Anyway, I'll do another post later with other places that we visited.  But the Riverwalk was my favorite :]

Oh, and I'm 20 now! Getting old. 

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