Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I never uploaded the rest of the San Antonio pictures, but that's okay because I have Houston pictures :]  Julian and I went to Houston with Alexis and Christian for the Warped Tour and it was incredible because I got to be FRONT ROW for Pierce the Veil and I got to meet them! However, it wasn't the ideal situation seeing as there was a hurricane passing through and it never ever ever stopped raining! So, I guess fixing my hair and putting on makeup was a waste of time. But we had sooo much fun!

This picture was taken when we first arrived, before any signs of rain. 
This is what we saw when we glanced to the left while waiting in line.  Do not be fooled, it was not the Apocalypse, it was just an approaching  hurricane. 

And so as to save the life of my camera, I didn't take any pictures while we were at the concert.  Fortunately, Epitaph Records got some pictures of us and put them on their Facebook page.  Julian is the guy whose head is taller than everyone else, and I'm the half-face girl below him.
And here is a true Kodak moment, Julian and I trying to block the guy next to us from elbowing me in the face
Needless to say, the shower I took when I got back to the hotel was the best. shower. ever.
Then, for dinner, we went to the Galleria. Alexis and I were Emporio Armani models for the evening ahah

And this is Alexis and Christian being cute

Then at the hotel, we got some cheesecake and it was delicious.
I love Alexis, she likes fashion and doesn't make me look short :]
Then the next day, before we came home to Louisiana (sadface) we went to the Galleria again for some shopping and for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, my favorite place everrrr, they have the best honey mustard. This was the wall.
And Julian took a cute picture by Tracy Tree, wearing my Pierce the Veil shirt that needs to shrink so I can wear it.
And then, sadly, we had to go home.
I guess that's it.  I miss Houston and I miss Warped Tour and I miss Pierce the Veil and Vic Fuentes.  Oh yeah, this was my autograph from him :] He loves me.


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  1. Thank you so much! Haha, I was actually planning on using these for a CF post, but Megan beat me to the punch! Her article is amazing though so stay tuned.

    PS I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Pattie (Patty?) Boyd! Gorgeous, a killer sense of style, and a muse for 2 of music's biggest legends. ummm can i please come back in another life as her? :)