Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shopping Trip

So yesterday I went shopping for some last minute beach stuff.  I was hoping to find another swimsuit, but I didn't have any luck with that.  I guess that was because it's so late in the season.  I did, however, get two pairs of really cute sunglasses at Wet Seal, and an adorable hat from Forever 21.  Yay for sun protection!

Here is the hat, a picture from the website:

This is the hat and one pair of the sunglasses.  I really like these sunglasses, they remind me of my mom's sunglasses in the 90's.  And they are brown.  It's my first pair of brown sunglasses ever! I usually stick to black.

And this is the other pair of sunglasses. They are super large, which is good, because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so the glasses will give me extra defense against the sun :]

And these are my LIME GREEN nails! I got bored at work so I gave myself a manicure.  I think I will change the color before vacation, though.

Hopefully I'll do another post sooon! I'm going to a wedding on Friday evening, so I'll probably write something about that, because I'm super excited about my outfit!

Byeee :]

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  1. that hat is freaking adorable!! I'm so mad at myself, years ago i bought a $50 one from Banana like an idiot...a straw hat is a straw hat, and of course it got bent out of shape really quickly...just like a $10 one would have lol.