Monday, July 26, 2010


So, I'm currently in Navarre, FL at the beach, and definitely not wearing anything formal, but the night before we left for the beach I went to a wedding.  And I wore my sister's awesome homecoming dress.  It looked way better on her, but it fit me too and it is just beautiful. 

Well this is a picture of Hannah wearing the dress for homecoming:

And this is me wearing it for the wedding:
And here is how I did my makeup.  Excuse the face, bad angle, and novice photography skills:

Byee :]


  1. Very pretty! I love Loreal Hip Eyeshadow. It's affordable and goes on really smooth. You made it look so smokey - I can never get that look right. It always looks like an eyeshadow hawt mess when I do it. :P

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