Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Underground Sea

So last night was Julian's first show, and let me tell you, he was amazing!  Hannah and I rode there together because Julian had to ride with the band.  My sister and I had a fun little road trip to New Iberia. 

I wore a black skirt that I got at Rue 21 for only five dollars, a great blue top with neckline flower details that I got over the summer at a trunk show, black tights, and black patent leather booties by Gianni Bini that made me feel like a giant compared to Hannah.  Hannah wore a green sequined mini dress from Stage, a trendy boyfriend blazer from Forever 21, black tights and black ballet flats.  Basically we didn't want to dress in a basic hoodie and skinny jeans, but we didn't want to look too out of place at the show, so we kept the color palate mostly dark neutrals with one little pop of color.

The show was really fun.  We got to watch a bunch of cool bands.  Here are some random pictures we took there:

This is Julian and I when he was about to tune his bass.

Julian on stage, looking cute.

Hannah and I after the show, with her sequins sparkling!

Julian and I after the show

Looking a little happier haha

Anyway, it was a lovely evening.  I can't wait until the show next weekend!


  1. you both dress superrr cute! :)

  2. Love the Brad Pitt for Mayor shirt haha (oh, and you're whole outfit!)